An Inventory Will Save You Time And Money

Your property is one of your most valuable assets. Time, accidents, negligence, and even wilful damage can affect its value, no matter how carefully you choose your tenants. A Chase inventory can help minimise the impact.

We aim to make sure that the relationship between tenant and landlord begins the right way by providing an assessment of the condition of a property and its contents that both parties can agree to

The detailed inventories that our expert clerks produce guarantee that disputes between landlord and tenant over damage or defects at the end of a tenancy are rare. If a dispute arises, it can be settled quickly and easily by reference to our work.

If there is no inventory taken, however, that safeguard is lost. It is almost impossible to recover costs of damage that exceeds the value of the retained deposit when there is no record of the state of the property or its contents at the start of a tenancy. Even retaining the deposit can lead to a tenant taking you to court for its recovery. Why take the risk?