Your Inventory: A Portable Property History

Landlords often find themselves switching lettings agents. It could be that a new company has taken over the agents you’ve been using for years or that you feel a new agent might offer a better service. No matter the reason, it’s important to remember that switching agents doesn’t mean you have to change your inventory company, too.

A change in inventory company probably means starting from scratch with a new inventory. It certainly means new inventory clerks who have no history with your property and no experience of its unique features.

As a landlord you want to have a consistent approach to your property. You want to be able to look back over the reports produced during the history of letting the property and to see – quickly and easily – the changes.

Chase provides the steady reporting a landlord needs. It doesn’t matter which lettings agent you use or if you’re managing your own property because we can always update your inventory report. You may even find that using us directly will cost less because lettings agents often add a surcharge for arranging the service and this is inevitably passed on to the landlord.

And remember, Chase has been working with landlords for over 20 years to provide quality independent inventory and check out reports.