Experience Beats An App Every Time

Our Chase clerks are highly experienced property professionals. Most of the team have been working with us for several years at least – and some for up to 10 years – and in that time they have all visited a huge variety of properties. The experience that comes from a knowledge of different types of properties is vitally important for the role of inventory clerk.

Chase clerks are trained to follow a prescribed pattern of what to look for when visiting a property and to report the condition accurately and to highlight potential problems. For this we use our training, knowledge, and experience rather than rely on the latest digital apps. Apps, by their very nature, are limited by their design flaws; they try to make every property fit one of a few different types. Experience tells us this never works, if only because the range of properties is so vast.

The knowledge drawn from visiting and reporting on the condition of so many properties cannot be underestimated when it comes to assessing dilapidations at the end of a tenancy. It is only by having the experience and by being able to take the factors of an individual tenancy into account that an assessment can be made.

Things to consider at the end of tenancy check out are:

  • The quality of the item at the start of the tenancy (this will require an accurate description at the start of the tenancy);
  • The length of the tenancy (all items in a property have a life expectancy);
  • The number of people living in the property (whether it’s a family occupancy or a single/couple will affect the amount of wear and tear);
  • The area affected – (does the damaged area come under fair wear and tear, or damage through negligence?).
  • The length of the tenancy (all items in a property have a life expectancy)

All the above need to be taken into account when assessing the state of your property but experienced Chase clerks are used to handling all kinds of situations. Our people skills and knowing how and when to manage sometimes difficult circumstances are another benefit that comes with the experience of doing our job. Something else, incidentally, an app cannot provide.