The Inventory

The inventory is a comprehensive description of the fabric of the building and includes:

  • doors;
  • ceilings;
  • walls;
  • woodwork;
  • windows;
  • light fittings;
  • heating;
  • etc.

It will also include, where relevant, any fittings in the property, white goods, and furniture. Gardens and outbuildings are also described – in layman’s terms.

The inventory is what we like to call a “written picture” of the property and will detail not only the condition but also defects and the level of cleanliness.

The inventory is an important document because it will be used when the tenant vacates the property to create a check out report. A check out can only be as good as the inventory that was supplied at the start of the tenancy and both documents may be relied upon if there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy.

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